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A comedy about toxic masculinity and the difference between saying you’ll do better...and actually doing better.

Is it enough just to be “working on your sh*t?” At a small liberal arts college, the student-led Men’s Peer Education Group and women’s Survivor Support Group work together to eradicate all sexual violence -- until an incident throws their ideals into question. Five female and non-binary performers inhabit both male and female roles in this social satire about complicity and what it really takes to face the patriarchy.

Be advised: This play is a comedy that discusses rape culture, as well as issues and incidents of sexual assault.


by MJ Kaufman
Directed by Tamara Carroll
Performance Schedule:
Thursday, April 1  at 7pm PT / 10pm ET
Friday, April 2 at 7pm PT / 10pm ET
Saturday, April 3 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET
Sunday, April 4 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET
Run Time: Approx 90 minutes
Free, Live, and on the Web - Attendance is free, but limited to 100 connections per performance
All attendees must be over the age of 13.  This play is a comedy that discusses rape culture, as well as issues and incidents of sexual assault.

About the Show

At Watson College a group of men have created a Men’s Peer Education group. At meetings they spend hours unpacking questions like: “What is male privilege?” and “What can we do about it?” Also at Watson College there are a group of women who have created a sexual assault survivors group. When a new woman attends the survivors group and reveals that her attacker may be one of the men they know, things take a turn for the worse. Could it be that even sensitive guys are violent and aggressive? In this new and timely play, the men’s and women’s roles are played by the same actors trying to understand the intricacies of masculinity and violence.


by MJ Kaufman 

Directed by Tamara Carroll

Costume / Makeup Designer - Caitlyn Keaney

Scenic Designer - Steven Kendall

      Technical Director - Patrick Nims

Stage Manager - Sharkey Steib


Cait Kelly - Danny / Diana

Janelle Rae - Tyler / Tracy


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Janelle Rae 400x600

Gloria Huang - Pete / Amy / Dean

Rosalind Phelps - Jordan / Katie / Jones

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Ana Anderson - Will / Leslie / Admissions Officer    Ana Esther Anderson 400x600