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Macbeth first read! Say hello to the amazing group of artists that will present Shakespeare's Macbeth live, free and on the web!

Zoom Logo LRGDear Zoom Communications - Thanks for making such great apps! Being able to see and talk in real time with multiple people from all over the world is freakin' magic. At Zoom Theatre (no relation) we think your software is so fantastic that we started a live theatre company based on Zoom Webinar. We know that you wrote your software for business and not entertainment, but when you get a moment, would it be possible (pretty please), for you to add a few more features desperately needed by the live performing arts community?

How about some live theatre! You've got to see the amazing work that these two artists are doing. You won't believe they are separated by 1,800 miles.


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ACTUALLY explodes the intersection of gender and race politics. Free, live and on the web!  RSVP your free ticket here.

Meet Maya Sherer and Kevin Minor, the cast of ACTUALLY, presented live and on the web on June 4, 5, 6 and 7 by Zoom Theatre!

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Zoom Theatre's second show explored a different way to present "live over the web" theatre.  Two actors, in a box with eight cameras.  Audiences were moved to tears (in a good way). Read Patrick Nims' directors notes on the tech details below, and check out some LUNGS production photos here.

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Enjoy these photos from LUNGS starring Amber Collins Crane and Gregory Crane.  Because Amber and Gregory are married and sheltering in place, they were able to rehearse and perform together.  However the director, crew and audience were remote to the extent that Greg and Amber had to setup the play space, including all of the computers (2) and cameras (8) that were shipped to them. 

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Harry Duke joined the Saturday night performance of LUNGS.  Read his review here or at North Bay Stage and Screen.

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After two sold out performances, audiences reponse to LUNGS has been tremendous.

Amber and Greg

Asile Seat Review Executive Editor Barry Willis interviewed the stars of LUNGS for ASR's Not-so-Random Questions Time.  The interview is included below, or you can read it by clicking here.

PR 1 LUNGS Show Banner wCredits 1200 x 628Binged enough Tiger King and The Office reruns yet? Jonesing for some live theatre? Check out Zoom Theatre’s continuing experiment in live theatre over the web when it presents LUNGS, by Duncan Macmillan, live, free and on the web on May 7, 8, 9 and 10 at

Meet Amber Collins Crane and Gregory Crane, the cast of LUNGS, presented live and on the web on May 7, 8, 9, and 10 by Zoom Theatre!

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Zoom Theatre closed it's first production and audience feedback included “blown away”, “superb", "highly recommend”, “inspired”, "absorbing! Don’t miss it”, "a new way to tell stories". It was great weekend of live performance over the web!

Nicole Singley of Aisle Seat Review attended a performance of REUNION & DARK PONY and also interviewed Patrick Nims about Zoom Theatre.  You can check out her article here or read it below.
aisle seat review 

Harry Duke, a prominent North Bay theatre reviewer and commentator dropped in on Friday's performance of REUNION & DARK Pony to check out the experiment. Harry thinks we should mute the audience mics.  What do you think?   You can check out his thoughts here.
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Zoom Theatre’s opening night was amazing! Audience comments included “blown away”, “superb", "highly recommend”, “inspired”, "absorbing! Don’t miss it”, "a new way to tell stories".

Reunion and Dark Pony Show 1280x800 w comments

Meet David Yen and Voni Kengla, the cast of REUNION & DARK PONY, presented live and on the web on April 9, 10 and 11 by Zoom Theatre!