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Macbeth Company Snag Web

Macbeth first read! Say hello to the amazing group of artists that will present Shakespeare's Macbeth live, free and on the web!

These sixteen artists are Zoom Theatre's first international cast, representing four countries, and five time zones. 

Production Team:

  • Direction by Patrick Nims (Oregon)
  • Costumes by Kate Graham (Califorina)
  • Effects by Tim Giugni (Oregon)
  • Dramaturgy and Assistant Direction by Karen Moore (Oregon)
  • Stage Management by Georgia Ortiz (California)
  • Assistant Stage Management by Jack Weinstock (California)


  • Nick Medina - MACBETH (California)
  • Ash Reddington - LADY MACBETH (Ireland, via New York)
  • Jill K. Wagoner - BANQUO, LORD (California)
  • Jourdán Olivier-Verdé - MACDUFF, MURDERER (California)
  • Danny Adams - MALCOLM, MURDERER (Minnesota)
  • Larry Williams - DUNCAN, DOCTOR (California)
  • Eliza Pagel - LENNOX, LADY MACDUFF (So. Carolina)
  • David Farmer - ROSS, THE PORTER (Victoria)
  • Georgan George - WITCH, GENTLEWOMAN (California)
  • Debra Nguyen - WITCH, SEYTON (New York)
  • Gloria Huang - WITCH, DONALBAIN, FLEANCE (British Columbia)