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Webinar Banner 1024x1024Watch Zoom Theatre's free webinars on the lessons we’ve learned mounting ten live plays on Zoom in thirteen months. 

We want to share. After over a year online, with 11,000 hours on Zoom rehearsing and performing for 4,000 audience members, Zoom Theatre would like to share what we’ve learned about producing, staging and presenting eleven live shows and events during the pandemic. Learn from our success and mistakes! Watch these two free webinars and we'll share what we learned while creating one of the most successful live digital theatres in the world.

Photos from the Zoom Theatre January 2021 production of I AND YOU by Lauren Gunderson, directed by Zachary Hasbany and staring Maya Michal Sherer and Justin P Lopez.

Photos from the Zoom Theatre December 2020 production of ENTER YOUR SLEEP by by Christina Quintana (CQ) directed by Margaret Grace Hee and staring  GiGi Buddie and Jesse Lumb.  

Childhood best friends, Glory Zico and P.K. Whylde, meet in a wild night of dreams to unravel their complex friendship, battle their sadness, and, ultimately, face a looming, dark truth. Throughout the wild ride, Z and P.K. visit their worst fears and challenge one another and themselves as they transform into figures from their lives and imaginations.

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In July of 2020, New York Times critic Laura Collins-Hughes wrote an article entitled "Digital Theater Isn’t Theater. It’s a Way to Mourn Its Absence.” I must respectfully disagree.

Photos from the Zoom Theatre October 2020 production of COLLECTIVE RAGE by Jen Silverman! Directed by Jane Reagan, the cast of Meredith Ham, Oliva Dumaine, Tatiana Gil, Cortunay Minor, and Krystal Glover this “full-tilt lesbian / bi-curious / genderqueer / Shakespearean comedy for everyone,” followed five different people named Betty as they collide at the intersection of anger, sex, and the “Thea-Tah.” Performed entirely live and entirely on Zoom, none of the cast or crew were ever in the same location during rehearsal or performance.

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Meet GiGi Buddie, Jesse Lumb, Christina Quintana (CQ), and Margaret Grace Hee; the cast and creative team behind ENTER YOUR SLEEP, presented live and on the web on December 3, 4, 5, and 6 by Zoom Theatre!

Get an exclusive first look at COLLECTIVE RAGE, running November 12 - 15, live, free, and on the web! Five very different people named Betty collide at the intersection of anger, sex and “Theat-Tah.” As they meet, fall in love, rehearse, revel and rage, they realise that they’ve been stuck reading the same scripts for far too long.

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Zoom Theatre is thrilled to announce that our Late Fall 2020 / Early Winter 2021 mini-season will be:

  • COLLECTIVE RAGE: A PLAY IN 5 BETTIES by Jen Silverman on November 12 thru 15
  • ENTER YOUR SLEEP by Christina Quintana on December 3 thru 6
  • I AND YOU by Lauren Gunderson on January 7 thru 10

All shows will be live, free and on the web and you’ll be able to reserve your’s soon. Read on for the details!

Photos from the Zoom Theatre August 2020 production of MACBETH! This remarkable company of twelve actors and six crew performed live from three different countries and across fourteen timezones.  Performed entirely live and entirely on Zoom, none of the cast or crew were ever in the same location during rehearsal or performance.

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"I pray you, remember the porter".  Zoom Theatre (a part of Marin Summer Theater) has started a GoFundMe campaign inspired by the famous line from Macbeth and a bit of stage business performed by actor David Farmer.  Zoom Theatre has already produced 4 fully staged productions for over 2,000 audience members.  The funds raised through the GoFundMe will help us continue to produce live theatre for the duration of the pandemic.

Remember the porter, and donate to our GoFundMe here.

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MACBETH at Zoom Theatre enjoyed four sold out performances last weekend and audiences were blown away. Comments included "Incredible performance! Great adaptation and the tech was amazing!”, “Brilliant”, " I wish I'd had my mic on.”, "FANFREAKIN' TASTIC!!!! So imaginative the way you used different mediums all together. FABULOUS!!!!!!”, "this is very inspiring to me."

Better get your tickets for our final weekend now, before they are all gone!

Meet the cast of Macbeth, coming from four countries and spanning 14 time zones.  Macbeth performs for one more weekend on August 27, 28 at 8pm PDT, August 29 at 5pm PDT, and August 30 at 2pm PDT  - Free, Live, and on the Web. 

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Macbeth first read! Say hello to the amazing group of artists that will present Shakespeare's Macbeth live, free and on the web!

Zoom Logo LRGDear Zoom Communications - Thanks for making such great apps! Being able to see and talk in real time with multiple people from all over the world is freakin' magic. At Zoom Theatre (no relation) we think your software is so fantastic that we started a live theatre company based on Zoom Webinar. We know that you wrote your software for business and not entertainment, but when you get a moment, would it be possible (pretty please), for you to add a few more features desperately needed by the live performing arts community?

How about some live theatre! You've got to see the amazing work that these two artists are doing. You won't believe they are separated by 1,800 miles.


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ACTUALLY explodes the intersection of gender and race politics. Free, live and on the web!  RSVP your free ticket here.

Meet Maya Sherer and Kevin Minor, the cast of ACTUALLY, presented live and on the web on June 4, 5, 6 and 7 by Zoom Theatre!