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SINCE 2020

Zoom Theatre is live theatre for our times.  Using web based conferencing software, Zoom delivers fully staged live theatre to a live audience. Zoom is not a staged reading.  Zoom is not a webcast of a previously recorded performance.  Zoom is live every time. The shows are selected and staged specifically for webcam presentation. You'll see and hear every moment from the best seat in the house, and you are part of the event, just like in a real theater. 
Three components are core to Zoom Theatre: 


  • Every performance is live for a limited, pre-registered audience.
  • Shows are fully staged specifically for webcam presentation to take advantage of the strengths of the medium.
  • The audience can fully participate in the show by opening their mics. This brings you into the event so that the actors can hear you respond to their performance live, in real-time.

Latest Comments ...

  • Great job innovating technology to keep the craft alive!
  • Very enjoyable performance. Thank you very much
You guys were awesome!  This was a cool experience on Zoom.

Woohooooo what a fabulous production!!

that was utterly beautiful! Thank you so much for such a moving and entertaining and challenging show!

Bravo beautiful people!!! <3

Amazing work everybody. That was wildly fun and refreshing :)))

This was fun!  I was cheering for each of the Betties by the end!

Unbelievable!!! Thank you cast and crew for a great night of theataaahhh!!

you were all brilliant. thank you

Remember The Porter!

Remember The Porter and donate to Zoom Theatre today! 

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Zoom Theatre has started a GoFundMe campaign inspired by the famous line from Macbeth.  Zoom Theatre has already produced four, free, fully staged productions for over 2,000 audience members.  The funds raised through GoFundMe will help us continue to produce live theatre for the duration of the pandemic.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 FAQ (Click here for more)

Will you will be able to hear me?

Only if you want us to. We can not turn your mic on without your permission. At the start of the show, we will give instructions for how to signal if you want your mic on. You should only turn your mic on if you are in a quiet environment and can observe general theatre etiquette (no side talking, no eating). You should keep your mic off if you are in a noisey place or are unable to maintain a quiet environment for the length of the performance.

Can someone watch the show with me?

Yes! Tickets are issued per device and while there is a maximum of 100 devices per performance (including cast and crew), you can invite as many people to watch that device with you as you like.

This is free?

Yes! If you would like to make a donation to Zoom, at the end of the show we will share a link so that you can do so. A percentage of donations will go towards Artist Relief funds.

Is this a recording, or is it live?

It's live!  Every Zoom Theatre show is performed live, with the actors (frequently in different locations) saying the words and living the stories as you watch them. Every performance is different, so come back more than once!

Is Zoom Theatre part of Zoom Video Communications?

No! Zoom Theatre is a completely seperate and unaffiliated organization and has no connection to or with Zoom Video Communications, other than we use their software to broadcast our performances.

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